These are a Few of My Favorite Migraine Hacks


My favorite Natural ways to Cope with chronic migraines:


I can not express enough how much I LOVE ginger. I. LOVE. GINGER! Fresh, capsule, Tea. Whatever. You got it. I’ll take it! If you suffer from nausea and vomiting during your attacks or just daily nausea in general like I do. I promise you, Ginger will be your best friend. Ginger has so many health benefits (If you google you will see) But, it is a total lifesaver when you start to have that queezy, sick to your stomach feeling and can barely stand up straight. I personally take ginger root in capsule form every morning and then whenever throughout the day when I start to feel nauseous again. I choose capsule because it is easy to carry around with you. But I have found fresh ginger or even crystallized ginger to work the best. If you can stand the heat! Fresh is definitely better. Also, another reason to love Ginger is that it is a natural option compared to prescribed anti-nausea medicines that come with a list of horrific side effects. Sure, they may fix your nausea… but now you’re at risk for nerve damage, depression, and twenty other different side effects just to help you feel less queasy. Yeah. No thanks! Ginger is all natural and some claim it works better than prescription meds. So if you haven’t tried it give it a shot. It can only help.

Lemon Water with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

This little concoction is amazing if taken at the first feeling of a migraine. (Also, I feel like it helps out with nausea as well for myself) Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has 84 Minerals (including magnesium) which can help with inflammation.

  • 1 cup of water
  • Juice from 1 fresh lemon
  • 2 tsp of Himalayan salt

(FYI Some pre-bottled lemon juices use sulfates which is a known migraine trigger so fresh is best!) Sometimes this drink is enough to stop the migraine attack in its tracks or at least ease the pain a little.


Snack Healthy throughout the day and try a small snack before bedtime. A drop in blood sugar can bring on a migraine. So eating snacks in between meals can really help out. For myself, I carry crackers with me where ever I go or eat a piece of fruit between meals. Paying attention to what you are eating is extremely important considering processed foods, Nitrates, MSG, etc. are known migraine triggers. Keeping a food diary I find helps if you are trying to find out a food trigger.


This is probably the MOST controversial migraine remedy. To caffeinate or not to caffeinate. For myself sometimes caffeine helps relieve and sometimes it can cause. What I’ve found personally with experimenting is if I start to feel extremely tired all of a sudden or start to feel a slight pulse, that is the time to have a cup of coffee. When I am feeling relatively fine and not too tired.. no major pain.. that is when it can trigger one for me. How it works I still don’t understand.. but my body does so I listen to it. Also, another strange thing is sometimes the coffee will taste extra bitter and just gross to me and it’s made the same way I always drink it when that happens I end up skipping it until later in the day. Mostly just pay attention to how your body feels at different times when consuming coffee and or anything with caffeine.

So, folks, these are my top go-to remedies for coping with migraines. Think Strong. Be Strong and Keep on Keepin’ on. XOXO