There are 3 Stages of Crohn’s Disease. I have stage 2, What do you have?


Severe Crohn’s Disease doesn’t just happen overnight. Instead it slowly builds up over time. It first starts off with some risk factors. These risk factors don’t guarantee that you will get Crohn’s Disease but instead just increase the likelihood of that happening. Some risk factors include: having a family member with Crohn’s or another autoimmune disease, smoking, fatty diet, obesity, live in industrialized area’s with pollutants.

Below are the 3 stages of Crohn’s Disease:

Stage 1: Early Signs   This is the time where the Healthy Cells in your Gastrointestinal tract start to attack each other slowly causing inflammation. Some of the symptoms include frequent cramps, diarrhea, bloody stools, unintended weight loss, abdominal pain. After a few of these symptoms won’t go away over time, you probably go to see a Doctor and find out the diagnosis.

Stage 2: Progression  More and more healthy cells are attacking your intestinal tract. You experience some of the symptoms above and some new ones, including: fever, eye pain, inflammation, rashes/bumps, and possible mouth sores. You are probably taking some sort of medication to combat all these symptoms and in hopes of preventing your crohn’s from escalating faster

Stage 3: Severe  At this point in time, all the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease is disrupting your daily life. You’re finding yourself having to watch every little thing you eat and do. Making sure there is a bathroom nearby just in case. Some people opt in to have surgery which will help temporarily relieve symptoms but is not a cure.

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