The Little Girl Trash?


She was only 6 years old. Scared…..feeling worthless. And a little bit lonely. But Abigail knew that if she left that basement Papa was going to blister her hineion. “Just 15 more minutes until Maw Maw gets home..”, she told herself.

That’s when she heard it. “The smell of the gun powder….that whail of someone who had obviously been hurt. Please God, if you’re up there…let Mama be okay”. She heard the basement door creak open. “Abigail…you up there?” Mama whispered. “Yes mama” she replied.

“Come in chile lets get our stuff and go quickly now. Maw-maw is in the driveway. Daddy won’t hurt you ever again.”

Coming down the stairs she finally saw her Papa laying there..blood everywhere with a knife in his hand. She could still see the rage in his eyes. She looked over to her Mama and noticed the gash on her face and the bleeding from her stomach. Quietly Abigail picked up her belongings and walked to the driveway.

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“You’ll never be hurt again..”, she kept hearing….” he will never touch you down there you’re safe.”Slowly Abigail got into the car….and that’s when it hit her. She let out all of her tears when Maw Maw looked back and said everything’s going to be okay.