The Beginning of My New Life with Migraines – Part 1

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This is my first story, so I’ll begin with how it all started. In 2001 I was in a car accident with my 3-year-old son. I never thought this would change my life and it changed everything. First, let start’s how the day was supposed to go and how it went. It was supposed to be me and my husband’s night out, so I was taking my son to my sister’s house, but we did not make it. A couple blocks away we got hit (of all things by my mother inlaws best friends daughter) and the car that hit us tried to leave to get her husband to work. Well, when the car hit us they spun us into the yard and almost into a house on a corner street.

What makes this hard is the way they hit, how hard, and how my son flew out of his car seat. So I hit the windshield, side window blown out with my head, and bowed the door out. My son got a big cut in the middle of his forehead. You would think this would be another regular accident or hit someone and be done with it but not in this case. So when I come to, I don’t remember my name for more than 5 minutes, but I know my son and husband. I grab my son put his socks on his forehead from his cloths bag to stop the blooding from going in his eyes. So I am holding my son and trying to remember my name and phone number all the while some stupid cop yelling at my name, address, phone number. All I remembered was (after 5 minutes) my name and old phone number to my parent’s place. This is when it gets mean and strange, so the guy who owned the house yells at the cop to stop and told the true story of who hit who, and to leave so the cop leaves. The ambulance takes me and my son to the hospital 2 blocks away and the ambulance shop is across from the place we live. So while at the hospital the cop shows up yells again the same stuff, the doctor tells him to “leave she is upset and trying to not upset her son, leave your card and we will give it to her“. So the hospital stitches up my son, take x-rays of my head, and sends us home.

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My husband all before this when he was golfing one block away from us (across from the hospital) gets sick and gets a strange feeling something is wrong and goes home. Gets a call about one hour later that we were in the hospital. Now to give an idea of how its strange is he gets sick, (he never gets sick) my sister before this jokingly called him if I did not show up, I was in an accident and he said to stop it she will be there, and she calls saying I was in an accident. At first, in disbelief he says stop that’s not funny, she said not joking this time so he rushes to us. All I could say was sorry and the first thing he said was “I know something was not right“.

So we talked days later when I was more coherent about what happened and what to do next. You would think this when it gets normal and nothing else can go wrong, not in this family. So my husband begins to tell me everything him getting sick, my sisters call, the people who hit us, his family (his mom’s reaction, aunts death on the same day, and what we should do on my continued headaches) and the insurance next step. Next, we go to his aunt’s celebration of life and his family thought he beat me up which I had to set them straight. The mother-in-laws best friend was there and all she had to say was good to see us and glad we were not too hurt.

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My thought was really I look like a raccoon, I can’t eat well, my head is hurting me real bad, and my son has a scar, but we are doing good. The doctors said I almost died if the door would have been less than an inch open, and I hit the door stronger than an NFL football player hitting head to head. They also said her daughter that hit us was going 60 miles an hour and I was going 20 miles an hour all while the speed limit is 25. So this is when the migraines started not knowing how it changed everything in my life from family, lifestyle, to just going outside my home, and all the while this lady thinking it was ok her daughter hit us. After this my father-in-law thought we got beat up, so I told him about the car accident and left my husband to explain what happened. So after a couple hours we left and the family (meaning his family) thinking, we were ok/not in the wrong for us being hit in the accident we went back home.

Fast forward to one week later migraines have got worse and husbands mother shows up to talk about his aunt’s place and money. This will be a whole new set of the can of worms she opened, and not thinking of the issues or hell she put on us at the wrong time.

How did your condition begin and progressed to where it is today? Share to show your Support!