The 6 Most Common Asthma Triggers


When you have asthma, you already know that you can have an attack when you’re exposed to certain asthma triggers. However, asthma triggers aren’t the same for everyone. Despite there are some triggers that are more common than others, the fact is that the best way you have to prevent those attacks is to discover what triggers your attacks and find a way to stay away from them.

The 6 most common asthma triggers are:

#1: Tobacco Smoke:

Everyone knows that smoking is a bad habit and that it can cause serious health problems, not only to the person who is smoking as to everyone near.

In case you smoke and have asthma, you just have one way to go – stop smoking. In case you don’t smoke but you usually are in places where you usually breathe the “secondhand smoke”, you need to make sure that you avoid those places as much as you can.

#2: Outdoor Air Pollution:

When you go to the outdoor, you can even say that you just need to take some fresh air. However, this might not be entirely true. There are many outdoor places that can trigger asthma attacks like being around factories, near the highway, among others.

#3: Dust Mites:

You probably already saw dust mines but you just didn’t have a clue about how they were called. These are those tiny bugs that are in almost every home and they can be one of your triggers. To prevent you have any asthma attack, you should use pillowcase covers and mattress covers to make sure there’s a barrier between you and them. Also, removing all those down-filled comforters, quilts, and pillows, can also help.

#4: Cockroach Allergen:

No one likes cockroaches and if you have asthma, you may have a bigger problem than simply don’t like them. They can be a trigger to an asthma attack. So, in order to make sure you kick all the cockroaches out of your home just avoid leaving any breadcrumbs on the table or floor, remove all the water and food sources that you can, take the garbage out frequently, and keep vacuuming and sweeping the areas that usually attract cockroaches.

#5: Mold:

Breathing in mold can easily trigger an asthma attack. Mold is usually the result of a high humidity inside your home. One of the best ways to control it is to use a dehumidifier or an air conditioning. You should adjust the humidity level to about 50%. It really shouldn’t be higher than this.

#6: Pets:

When you have a furry pet, this can be one of the triggers for your asthma attacks. In this case, you have two different solutions. The first one is to find another pet that isn’t furry. The second option is to keep the pet out of the bedroom. Plus, the more time he spends outside the better. Making sure to always keep everything clean, including the floor is something you should definitely consider.