The 3 Best ADHD Apps of the Year


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that most commonly affects children but can continue into or be diagnosed in the teen year and adulthood as well. People with ADHD have difficulty focusing, concentrating and paying attention, and may suffer from hyperactivity, lack of patience, and control of impaired impulses.

ADHD affects between 5.3 and 7.1 percent of children and adolescents and 3.4 percent of adults worldwide. If your loved one has ADHD, there are excellent apps out there that can help you manage and complete tasks, develop your organizational skills, remind you of important meetings and projects and help you stay focused.


RescueTime is a free app with a premium upgrade that allows for more specific reporting and functionality, such as offline time input. It offers a reporting dashboard with all your data sliced, diced and sorted into useful charts to help you manage your time thus combating ADHD.

The app is based on the recommendation of Peter Drucker (the famous management consultant) that “what is being measured is managed”.

RescueTime takes manual time tracking and makes it painless and automatic so you can track your time so you can be aware of the time usage.

The main dashboard of RescueTime shows where your time has been, at a glance.

RescueTime tries to simplify the visualization of your productivity, using a metric called “pulse of productivity”, explained on the RescueTime blog. In short, every activity you do during the day gets a productivity level ranging from “very distracting” to “very productive,” and the overall score reflects how your day went.


Freedom is an app you can download on your PC, Mac or mobile device. Subscribing to one of the paid plans offers you unlimited blocking sessions of unlimited websites on an unlimited number of devices for the duration of your plan. Freedom also offers a 60-day money back guarantee on its monthly and lifetime plans.

Create unlimited lists of apps and websites that distract you. Imagine how much you can get by reducing access to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Mix and combine them during the day. Of course, you can block the entire Internet for truly distraction-free sessions.

This app is worth its weight in gold. You can repay the $ 119.99 cost of a lifetime license within a few days just by using all that distraction-free time to write a couple of quality posts with solid affiliate links. Of course, Freedom is a bit like joining the gym: it’s a good value for money if you use it. And if you do, I guarantee you will see an increase in your productivity.


Todoist is an old candidate among to-do list managers, helping people to correlate their work in manageable tasks for nearly a decade. It has become a cross-platform tool that can be used for collaboration and project management, but was created simply because Amir Salihefendic needed a way to keep track his work.

Todoist free version will be enough for people that want to add a task management component to their digital workflow for the first time, or for those who do not need many bells and whistles and still want a pleasant user experience. The Premium Todoist is only $29 per year and you get a lot for your money. If you use a task management solution for a while and you need to customize things to better suit your approach to productivity, you will definitely want to “make the premium” with Todoist.

The design is intuitive and easy to use to create to-do lists that you can check off every day. You can also set recurring dates using a normal language. For example, “Go to the gym every Wednesday at 5:30” or “walk the dog every Tuesday at 9:00”. This allows you to quickly set up your tasks. You can choose daily reminders and notifications by email, SMS or application notifications.