The 10 Best Migraine Instagram Accounts – 2021


If you get migraines, then you realize incredibly life changing they are. You get to have to change your whole life to deal with the pain. If they are severe and often enough, you may feel like your life is spent inside of the doctor’s office. There even comes a point where you are sure that your doctor is asking you questions simply to annoy you. Or, you could feel like the doctor thinks you are crazy and is just trying to get you to leave them alone. It affects so much of your life that you begin to wonder if you aren’t a little crazy.

That is where migraine Instagram accounts come in so perfectly. Not only do you find a ton of information, but you start to realize you aren’t alone and it is not your fault. That is why we have put together the top ten best migraine Instagram accounts. You will find your new support group of people who know what you are going through and can help you find the humor of everyday life. What could be better than finding real-life people who suffer the same symptoms as you do? Who knows, you may even find yourself smiling through the pain.

1.    The_Migraine_Life

Are you looking for all the information brought to you in a language that you can understand? Do you want to understand what is going on in your head, without the eye rolling doctor? Here you go. Log on, talk, browse, and find the answers you need. Not only will you be able to understand the language, no medical jargon here, but you will also find tips to relieve the stress and the pain. From meal ideas to life-changing techniques, it is all on this one page. Want to vent and let go of some steam? Post your comments and wait for the response. You are likely to find plenty of people here that can relate to what you are going through

2.    Thedailymigraine

The best part of this account is the daily cope question. Basically, it is a daily question that helps you to shed light on the darker areas of living with migraines. The point is to draw you out and make you think. It helps to put things into perspective. Jump on and explore the memes of migraines. Look around and you may get a smile or two. It’s a fun way to find people who can relate to what you are going through. It has tips. Mostly, it helps you to change your mindset. Once you get your mindset into place, you really can do anything. This account allows you to see where your emotional level is and adjust as you see you need to. It helps with personal accountability, and that is something we all need.

3.    Migraine relief

If you have migraines regularly, you have probably tried a zillion different thing. You are probably even running out of things to try. Which is why you should follow this page. There are new ways waiting for you to come and discover them. We all know that what works for you might not work for me. However, isn’t it all worth a try? Besides relief ideas that have been tried by others, you will find motivational memes and happy sayings. There is no reason why a migraine has to ruin your life. Make new friends, be happy, and smile despite the pain.

4.    Migraine.buddy

This account goes right along with the app. It is a tool that will help you track your migraine. Learn what your triggers are. Find patterns in triggers. Notice your symptoms and how to prevent and/treat them. There are so many different benefits in this that you will be glad you took the time to discover it. The best part is that you can hand all this over to your doctor. You enable yourself to have real conversations that will allow you to take control of your life and your migraine, instead of letting your migraine take control of you.

5.    Amfmigraine

This is the American Migraine Foundation’s official account. They make it their goal to research and lead innovations in the field of migraines. Follow this account and stay on top of what is being learned. From triggers that were previously unknown to medications that are making a difference – these people are changing lives. You may learn more about yourself, learn more about what causes migraines in general, or even make a friend. You aren’t alone and the simple fact that this account exists shows you that there are people out there that want to help and do understand what you are going through.

6.    Migraine Strong

Do you need a little more strength? Are you looking for points of motivation to get you going? You have found it right here in this account. Scroll through and see exercises that will get the blood moving, motivational memes that will make you smile, and personality that shines and produces productivity. It is all up to you how you use it. One thing this account doesn’t do is make you feel like you are weaker mentally just because you feel zapped of all energy. Tips and tricks to enjoying your life are right at your fingertips. All you have to do is click that follow.

7.    Migraines Suck

Yep, they really do. So, follow this page and see others complain about their migraine. Okay, maybe not exactly what this account is about. You aren’t going to see others complaining, but you are going to see others be funny and point out the obvious. Maybe they can even put into a picture the exact way you feel. Why is this important? You can’t look at someone and see that they have a migraine. However, you can look at someone and say hey, I know that look. Reach out into the community and unite with other migraine sufferers with a little bit of laughter.

8.    MigraineAgain

Have you ever told someone you have a migraine and they say “oh again” or maybe you have even thought that to yourself when you feel one coming? If you are fed up, tired of trying to find the trigger, and have decided that it is just a part of life, check out this account. You will find hope. You will find happiness. Inspiration is waiting for you. Understanding is waiting for you. All you must do is decide for yourself that you want to. This account will help you to find what you need to get through the toughest triggers.

9.    Migraine Awareness

Not all of us are born with migraines. Sometimes it isn’t until the stress of life catches up with us that gives us migraines. We may not be familiar with what it looks like to live with migraines. Or maybe we want our significant other to get a better understanding of what it is like. That is why this account is so important. It is a great teaching tool. It can help you to understand your diagnosis. There are some great points that teach about medications. You will appreciate the work that goes into each post. Most importantly, you will see that you aren’t alone and there is no reason for you to feel like you are.

10.    The Migraine Miracle

The Migraine Miracle focuses on treating and preventing migraines with your diet. You can learn what common trigger foods are. You can explore the foods that are preventative. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new recipes and how they can help you to feel better in your day to day life. This is a great opportunity to reach out of your comfort zone and ask other migraine sufferers what they do differently and how it helps them. Just remember – everyone is different.

There are so many more migraine accounts on Instagram that can help you to learn more, reach out, and help yourself. All you have to do is #migraines to see all the options, so if you don’t see the one that speaks to you, keep looking. As with any chronic condition, it is important to have a good support group. Our family and friends may not understand how hard it is to live with migraines. They may mean well, but to them, it is just a headache.

Reaching out into the community will help you to get a better understanding of your own migraines. It will enable you to cope when you feel like you just can’t. You will find the motivation, the encouragement, and the understanding that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Who knows, you may even get a laugh or two out of the right account.

Do you know how they say life is what you make it? It is true. If you want to feel your best, you need to reach out and learn how to make that happen. That is how finding migraines on Instagram can help you.