Techniques For Overcoming Anxiety


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Depression and anxiety joined me later in life, and these new, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings were suddenly in control. This was a total nightmare for a “control freak” like me. You see, all my life I had taken great pride in being able to reign in and stop those wild and insane thoughts from controlling me. I had a strong mind and will-power, and I was sure that I am not going to be a slave to my emotions!

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As for psych meds, well I’d never taken them before, so there must be a way around that option. What I didn’t realize was that I had been self-medicating with various illegal substances for years, and that method worked quite well – until it didn’t anymore, and I was now faced with the task of learning how to cope with my anxiety and depression without the dope.

“My counselor, John, knew just what to suggest for me to begin hoping instead of doping, and with practice and lots of support from friends, family and my counselors and doctor, I know what to do now when anxiety comes knocking at my door. Here are some techniques I use to regain control and my peace of mind.”

  1. Playing with my puppy – because her innocence and playfulness always find a way to chase my worries away.
  2. Pampering myself – whether it’s a long hot soak in the tub, or rubbing in my favorite lotion slowly from my temples to my toes, it’s a great way to slow my busy mind and feel great too!
  3. Playing music – it’s always been a way for me to escape into another place and time, and seek out and express those emotions that I try so hard to suppress.
  4. Helping a friend in need – it gets me to focus my thoughts and actions on helping someone else, instead of dwelling on my own fears and insecurities.
  5. Calling it a day – sometimes, there’s simply nothing left to do but crawl under the covers, thank God for another day alive on this beautiful planet, and trust that when I wake up tomorrow will be a brand new day with the opportunity to start over with my best foot forward and my fears and worries behind me.

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I hope if you’re reading this, something I’ve written today spoke to you in a positive manner and gives you some hope, and the next time anxiety comes barreling down your street, you have some new coping skills in your corner.

What are your techniques to feel better? Share to show your Support!