How I Survived a Toxic Relationship


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2016 my boss got this girl and me at church together, but it turned out we both had spiritual gifts. The relationship clicked right away because of it, she could see spirits and hear them.

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At first, the relationship went well, and she ended up being my first real relationship but then, later on, her ex-boyfriend kept bugging her to go back with him. Because of him, she broke up with me five times. I should have known right away, but I was under her spell.

One time I had to leave her apartment cause he was coming over. Every time she broke up with me; I would write a song to get her back.

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It affected my work life. Then later on when she broke up with me again, she was attacked by a demon who possessed her ex-boyfriend who she was cheating on me with. I had to go to her apartment to pick her up to put her back under my protection and then banish the demon.

Later on, I found out she was an energy vampire it all started to add up why I felt like that. I just couldn’t escape.

One day I tried to help her with her energy vampire side, she called me weird which finally broke the curse once and for all.

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I felt free again knowing I cut the cords at last. By next year I felt better again. I knew it was toxic for both of us to be together and recently her ex-boyfriend went psycho and ended up in jail.

She then gave me a Valentine card for Valentine’s day and wanted to hang out again. I knew she was just trying to get me back into her life again, but I have to keep the cords cut or else the depression will return.

Now I told her to only talk to me at church. I know that is the best thing to do for both of us.

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Share to show your Support!