Survived after Anorexia was Killing me


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When I was ten years old, I was the happiest child you could ever see. I was always laughing and playing. However, I was also quite different from other kids at school. I was more, as you would say, on the Gothic side. I would always wear black. I’ve had an old-fashioned look, but I didn’t care as I loved the way I looked.

It soon caught the attention of people in my year so they started to tease me. I didn’t really let it bother me at first then they started calling me about my weight. I was overweight since I liked to eat sweets and takeaways.

At first, I tried to brush it off, but it soon started to play on my mind. That’s when I decided to go on a diet. I started by cutting out all the sweets and cakes, then junk food, then breakfast, then lunch and soon enough I was eating nothing and only living on water and one small sugar-free energy drink a day. In addition to that, I was doing 4 to 5 hours of exercise a day to help me with the weight loss.

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The weight loss was rapid. I ended up losing 34 pounds in a month. My parents got very concerned which lead to fights and arguments all the time. I just didn’t know how to eat again, but one day I came home and started eating. I couldn’t control it. I ate everything I could see. It was my very first binge. afterward, I felt so guilty and I made myself throw it all up. I hated every second of it. That was my first binge and purge and it will be my last for many years.

Soon after I dealt with my depression, I began to perform cutting and self-harm. It helped me deal with my emotions better than anything at the time. My parents were forcing me to eat. My weight was slowly increasing, but it would go up and down all the time. It went on like that for many years, until I moved out at the age of 17. My weight then went from 8 stone 10 pounds to 5 stone 3 pounds in 4 months. I was barely eating. I only survived on water and low sugar drinks.

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I was killing myself slowly. My boyfriend at the time convinced me to be patient and to take care of my nutrition. That was very hard to do. However, I discovered a vegan lifestyle which I have lived on it to this day. It helped me get back to a healthy weight of 7 stone 10 pounds. It is a struggle every day but it makes me feel empowered when I can stand up to the thoughts and live my life the way I want to.

I hope all of you who are struggling with Anorexia will be able to fight it and take good care of your nutrition.

How did you come over Anorexia? Share to show your support!