The Struggle of a Wife


What would you do if you were abused by your husband? Share your opinion in the Comments!

I thought I was alone and kind of embarrassed by the way I was acting, until I found out what was really going on with me. I knew it wasn’t normal behavior but I have been going through it for a long time so I decided to get some help. After checking myself into the hospital for several days after realizing that I didn’t have too much room for any more holes in my walls in my apartment and finding myself in a place I call “the hole” which is my room, that I would rarely leave or turn the light on, I would only just leave out to use the bathroom and that is all.

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I spent all of my time daily in a dark room, crying and punching walls and blaming myself for all of the times I was punched in the face, thrown down the stairs and nearly drown by my child’s father in front of my daughter for years.
I was dared by him to say anything to my family, but I survived by leaving one day when he left out to go to work.

I left the house with nothing but the clothes I had on my back and a few outfits I put in a corner market store bag for my daughter, It was when my life started over in a good and a bad way; as I was scared to go out of the house.

Sometimes when he left the house, I used to sneak on the phone to try to find out ways to leave, So I have planned where to go when I leave.

My house was in New York, So just after I left I called my father to pick me up and asked him to drop me off at my cousins’ house, this is where I planned to go.

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Now I am in a partial out-patient program that I found after I was released from the hospital and I’m doing ok, it will get better I have been in the partial program since November 2016, but I have been going there since September 2016.

I was highly recommended to attend this program by a psychiatrist, whom I was already doing one-on-one sessions with, but she saw that I needed more than these sessions once a week.

It was a little hard for me at first, but things are getting better slowly, it’s going to take some time, it’s not an overnight situation!

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What would you do if you were abused by your husband? Share your opinion in the Comments!