• Tammy Gribble

    Well back in 2006 I tried to commit suicide an I never thought that I was depressed until I had to go to a hospital. I was hospitalized for my actions, while I was in there the doctor had told me I was sick and I asked how and he told me that I was depressed on my story of what was going on with me and he told me sounds like that I was depressed an I never knew that I was depressed so I had read upon the disease an I look back an the feeling that I was having was depression and now I got a good education on depression……

  • kellymaureensamler@gmail.com

    i wrote my story..
    where did it go?
    noone helped me set up or guided me thru the steps! what now?
    please someone advise me..
    I shared the most personal, painful,
    details of my life.. and who i am.
    what happened?

    • Tamara

      Hello Kelly,

      Can you please resubmit your story – cureup.org/submit-story
      Give us as many details as you can about your disease, how has your life changed since being diagnosed?


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