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    yoga by the sea

    Yoga by the Sea: Finding Mental Serenity at Beachfront Resorts

    Beachfront yoga retreats offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature, nourish your body, and find inner peace.
    depression and anxiety

    My Mom had this Condition and Now I Have it Too

    Do you think Children who are Growing Up with a Depressed Family member are more likely to be Depressed when they are Adults? Take a Read,...

    Discovering a New Mindset

    How long did it take you to Accept yourself with all of your Flaws and Appreciate the Beautiful Person you are? Take a Read, Comment...

    Curbside Caregiver: My Brother Mark and California’s SB 1416

    I am a Curbside Caregiver, Linda Rippee Privatte, keeping my promise to Solano County and the State of California, that I will continue to...

    The Reason Why I Don’t Wear a Mask

    Warning: Abuse triggers THE PAST TWO-PLUS YEARS FOR ME I found out at the start of the mask mandates that I couldn't wear a mask. The...

    The Health Benefits of Learning Piano Later in Life

    Learning to play piano may not be the first thing you think about when seeking to improve your physical or mental health.

    Mental Health: The Big Pay Back

    Mental health is very important. It's very important because it can affect you for a lifetime if you don't find some sort of recovery or if you don't recover properly. Only we know what we think about and only we can take a stand and change our thinking, our habits, our surroundings and our Mental Health.

    Remember to Keep Talking

    I wanted to introduce myself so here is a chapter from my life. My name's Mark, I'm a 49-year-old family man. I work in Forensic...