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    My Personal Fight With PTSD and Depression

    Have you overcome your trauma? Share and Comment to show your Support! I was raped twice in my life. I was a teenager, a girl who doesn’t...

    Ketamine – A Hope for Suicide Prevention

    A relatively new possible treatment that may be considered in persons who haven’t benefitted from traditional antidepressants is ketamine.

    My Shape Shifting Depression

    Is depression keeping you hostage, too? Show your support by Sharing and Commenting! My depression is a shapeshifter, one day it’s as small as a...

    My Depression Factors

    Is Depression affecting the way you Behave? Share it in the Comments Below! There were times when I was passive- aggressive in my life. I...

    The Incredible History of Where Antidepressants Come From

    Have you ever wondered where antidepressants came from? The story of how these medicines were first developed begins with the applied use...

    Abuse, Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression Survivor

    Where to start? I grew up in a family with good funds and resources but it wasn't a healthy childhood. I didn't follow in my biological father's or birth certificate father's footsteps of drug and alcohol abuse or promiscuity. Since I went through so much, it scared me into not doing those kinds of things.

    Gather the Strength and Keep Fighting

    What was your inspiration to Start Fighting? Share and Comment to show your Support! For many years, my family lived in a very contentious home. Our...

    All The Things My Depression Made Me Believe

    What were your thoughts when you were depressed? Do you agree that depression can make you believe things that are not true? Take a Read,...