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    The Reason Why I Don’t Wear a Mask

    Warning: Abuse triggers THE PAST TWO-PLUS YEARS FOR ME I found out at the start of the mask mandates that I couldn't wear a mask. The...

    Strengthen Your Immune System Against COVID-19

    COVID-19 has spread to almost every state and has been declared a pandemic. If we have a strong immune system, we are able to...

    The Crucial Role Of Healthcare Workers In Treating The Dreaded Coronavirus

    The COVID-19 pandemic has now become a health threat, creating a big disruption to the global healthcare system.

    Busting COVID-19 Myths

    Several myths have been told about COVID-19 and it's important to shun or discredit them.

    What anyone with a Medium to High-Risk Health Condition should know...

    People medium to high-risk health conditions are at a higher risk for the severe illness of COVID-19.

    A New Love for Life in the Time of COVID-19 and...

    It was just my usual mammogram, after all, when my doctor called me at work. This was something new for her. Why should it...

    Uncommon COVID-19 Symptoms That You Need To Know

    Here are the most uncommon symptoms of a coronavirus infection.

    How Far Away From a COVID-19 Cure Are We Theoretically?

    Drug discovery Scientists, healthcare givers, and other stakeholders in the health sector have been busy in the past few months with a new disease...