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    Uncommon COVID-19 Symptoms That You Need To Know

    Here are the most uncommon symptoms of a coronavirus infection.

    Losing a Loved One to Dementia During the Pandemic Lockdown

    Dementia is certainly not a battle for those living with but a battle for people around them. Despite their dementia, patients can still dress up,...

    A New Love for Life in the Time of COVID-19 and...

    It was just my usual mammogram, after all, when my doctor called me at work. This was something new for her. Why should it...

    Early Symptoms of COVID-19

    According to WHO (World Health Organization) the symptoms of coronavirus might be mild and show gradually.

    What anyone with a Medium to High-Risk Health Condition should know...

    People medium to high-risk health conditions are at a higher risk for the severe illness of COVID-19.

    Thousands of volunteers sign up to be exposed to COVID-19, Here’s...

    Over 16,000 people have volunteered to sign up to be infected with COVID-19. This might sound crazy to some but to scientists it can...

    Busting COVID-19 Myths

    Several myths have been told about COVID-19 and it's important to shun or discredit them.

    Coronavirus History And How It All Started?

    According to some of the global experts, the current SARS-CoV2 virus first originated in bats and it is very much similar to that of acute respiratory syndromes (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndromes (MERS).