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Chronic Pain

    The Wisdom of Pain – From Pain to Power

    by Joanna Charlton I was determined to get out of Chronic pain, a victim mindset, negative behaviour and thinking, and bad habits which had ultimately...
    Chronic pain

    My Life with Chronic Pain

    HOW DO YOU COPE WITH CHRONIC PAIN? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS! My problem started when I got hurt doing a team lift with another...

    Navigating Through Healthcare System

    What steps can we take to protect ourselves, to advocate for ourselves, when doctors seem to assume that everything is ‘all in your head’...

    My Work and Financial Issues Brought me to Depression and Chronic...

    What do you do to deal with the Pain? Show your support by Commenting! Hi, my name is Tiwanna and I’ve been going through panic and anxiety...

    Living with my body after being a single mother of 5.

    Living with chronic pain for injuries sustained from work very hard warehouse work, surviving domestic violence and the stress of the aftermath of a...

    A Knee Replacement Surgery Fear

    I have both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as Ulcerative Colitis and Asthma. Despite all of that at 63 I have a wonderfully full and busy life, But I do everything in pain.

    Pain Makes Me Want to Cry

    Pain during sex is a Common Symptom of Endometriosis. Share and Comment to show your Support!  I have been suffering from endometriosis since 2016. I found...

    I Am Dealing with Chronic Pain Because of My Broken Back

    What do you think is the Best Way to deal with the Broken Back pain? Show your Support to the Author by Commenting below! It all...