Alzheimer's Disease

    Chris Hemsworth and His APOE4 Gene Diagnosis

    One of the most worrying situations is being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. An unexpected diagnosis can turn your life upside down. It can...

    Facts about the APOE4 Gene

    Have you heard about the APOE4 gene yet? There is so much information linking the APOE4 gene to Alzheimer's disease, which increases the risk...

    So You Have the APOE4 Gene, Here’s What You Need to...

    Have you undergone a genetic test only to find out that you have the APOE4 gene? Does the risk of developing Alzheimer's and probably...

    My Trip Down Alzheimer’s Lane

    Let me backtrack a bit here. My father died at the age of 45 of Alzheimer’s. He had a very aggressive strand and it went very quickly. At this time I did a lot of research into understanding Alzheimer’s to be better prepared for him as well as knowing what it all entails, including that it is hereditary.

    The APOE4 Gene Diet

    There is a significant link between diet and health. There are so many debates about whether a high-carb or high-fat diet has an impact...

    What You Need to Know About the APOE4 Gene and Alzheimer’s...

    Did you ever notice that people have different eye or hair colors? It is all about genes. Genes are the building blocks of life...

    Alzheimer’s Took My Diamond

    When Ann was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, I was, at first, in denial. How could this happen to her? How could this devastating disease find it's way into such a brilliant mind, capable of so much throughout her remarkable career?

    Alzheimer’s: The Talk

    The doctors, even after noting her condition had worsened over the last four months, did not offer a conclusive diagnosis. While it would answer questions and allow her to start medications known to help, they were hesitant to call it Alzheimer's.