My Daughter is My Motivation

    In all honesty, if it wasn’t for my daughter, I would’ve probably ended it all years ago. I’m not normal, and I’m ok with that. I do my best with what I’ve got. I’ve been doing a little better the last few years thanks to my amazing support system.

    Addiction is Ruining a Person I Love

    After years of struggle, he turned to medications as an escape from life so he wouldn’t need to deal with the pain. He was not aware that he's only hurting himself and the ones who love him the most. He almost killed himself but we saved him.

    Addicted: Fatal Attraction

    This is a story about a once lost, drug-addicted 22-year-old. That former addict happens to be me. I worked in construction as an electrician apprentice. I had 2 years of experience and a wife who was pregnant with my child. I couldn't afford to support her and her 8-year-old son on my salary of $9.50 an hour. So, I sold pills that I had ordered from Argentina for real cheap.

    Addicted to Love and Drugs

    I loved everything about Brice. However, Brice was addicted to drugs. He loved heroin more than he loved life. I just wanted love so badly but I couldn't get the love I needed from the man I wanted.

    My Past – 23 Foster Homes

    I’ve lived in a lot of foster homes, 23 to be exact. You can imagine what that was like. I was arrested few times for things I've never done, but no one cared. I was homeless for a combined total of 15 yrs.

    Recovery is the Best Full-time Job you will Ever have

    Believe it is possible to have a better life. Avoid active addicts, because they will only ruin your efforts. Maintain total abstinence and make sure you get therapy regularly. Keep busy in order to stay on the right tracks. Don't get too hungry and get at least 30 minutes of sunlight daily.

    A Heart of Hope – Prevention of Suicide

    What was your turning point? Share and Comment to show your Support! In life, we just never know what paths we may cross or the storms...

    My Addiction Journey

    Have you managed to stay away from pills? Share and Comment to show your Support! My addiction took me somewhere I thought I would never be....