Lactose Intolerance: The Day I Stopped Eating Cheese



These are things that I ABSOLUTELY love, but can no longer eat.

About 3 years ago, I started to get discomfort when eating things that contained dairy. It wasn’t until about 4 months ago that I gave it all up for good. It would cause so much pain and I would be stuck on the toilet for the rest of the night. It hurt relationships with my friends and family. I could no longer go on fun pizza or ice cream dates. I can’t order food at kiosks unless I can say NO CHEESE.

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I just graduated college and moved back in with my parents until I get married in MAY!!!!!! But my mom always forgets that I can’t eat dairy, she makes pizza, Alfredo, cheesy eggs, cream cheese frosting and I just can’t do it.

I go to parties and have to be the annoying guest to ask what is exactly in the food. And the cravings, don’t even get me started. There have been 2 days in the past 4 months I have allowed myself to indulge in the dairy and I regret it about 20 minutes later. And then there are the accidental intakes, those are the worst because they catch you off guard and ruin all your plans.

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But let me tell you, I have lost 12 pounds since being dairy free!!! It was so hard at the beginning but now it is so worth it! I feel so much better.

Basically, I am writing this for both tolerant and intolerant. This is a real thing, and for some people is more serious than just spending an hour or two in the bathroom. Please be sure to always list the ingredients in your food at parties.

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You may not think anyone your inviting has an allergy, but they could be sensitive to it, gluten, too.
And if you are intolerant, take care of yourself and be strong!! Go for that pizza date, but ask for cheese-free or just grab a coke! If you’re invited to ice cream date, get sorbet but treat yourself to a waffle cone! 🙂 You do you! 🙂

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