How Adult Daycares Saved My Mother

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In October 2017, my sister and I checked out a couple of adult day cares. We picked one we both liked, and it’s very near our house. Well, Mom hasn’t been happy about going. Last Wednesday she about had a meltdown over not wanting to go. I told mom that the Dr says she has to go (and he did) because it’s good for her and good for her brain. She was adamant about not going. She told me to tell the Dr she was sick and she couldn’t go. I thought for a few minutes, I then told her the Dr said if she doesn’t go, he might send an ambulance to take her to the hospital for a check.


(That little fiblet didn’t go over to well)! Mom also talked to her sister Carol (who also told her how good it was for her). Mom still was adamant about not going. Mom called my sister Lisa to come get her after Lisa figured out what was going on she told Mom the same things about how good it was for her and her brain. Mom finally, reluctantly went. When she came home that day she was right on the phone telling everyone I said if she didn’t go I was going to call the police on her! I of course never said that but it is in her head and that’s that!

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Mom went reluctantly, again the next day. My husband drove her to and from. Mom wanted nothing to do with me. (I was so sick with a bad cold last week I couldn’t even deal with her). Brian was doing all the care-taking at this point. My Mom gave me the stink eye if she gave me any eye contact at all!

Iwas dreading telling Mom this Wednesday that it was Club day. I was the enemy because I was insisting that the Dr. wanted her to go to the club. I knew there would be more trouble if I told my Mom it was Club day, so I asked my husband Brian tell her. She’s been more compliant with him than me these days. She was willing to go but was obviously not happy about it again. Learning a few strategies in the past 3 years along this road. I went ahead and told her that the Club called and wants to know if she would be willing to work there helping the staff to help everyone else? She perked right up and said, “I’ll try”! The club is onboard with this and will talk to her today about her new job, even going so far as to make up a real (fake) employee badge! I am so relieved about this, I was considering having her quit because it was causing so much upset and stress for her. (And us). I am hoping and praying for this to work! Whoever came up with this fiblet is a genius!

She had a great day that day! She was all smiles! They had her help with lunch and then they went bowling, she came in second or third place (depending on what story she’s telling)! She helped there too. She’s bringing one of her old resumes’ tomorrow. She thinks her old boss wrote must have written it up about how she was so skilled and “The best person in business”! I think she’ll get her new employee name badge tomorrow! She’s so darn excited! I hope and pray this lasts!

The next day was another great day!

We took one of mom’s old resume’s when the director saw all mom’s business skills, she said we can have your mom do some (fake) filing and stuffing envelopes in the future. I said that will be great for her!
Mom got her first pay envelope with $40.00 cash in it, she was thrilled about that too!

I sent this text to the Day Care Director the next morning.
We were driving back from our weekly Friday breakfast with my aunts and a cousin. My husband Brian was driving.

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Mom’s whole attitude about going to the club has done a 180! We are just leaving from breakfast and she’s wanting to go to work! She wants to go everyday now!!!

Thanks to all of you for going along with her working there, it’s going to be a merrier Christmas for us! She can’t wait to tell everyone about her job! She even has a folded up placemat in her pocketbook to she showed everyone at breakfast what she did at work yesterday, lol!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

She hasn’t been this happy for so long. I have more of my old mom back right now and it’s wonderful! My spirits are soaring right along with hers!

She has a purpose, she feels needed and helpful there, and she’s getting paid! (Albeit with her own funds).

I just wish I told her this little fiblet sooner, to save all of us all of that upset.

What is the biggest Challenge you had to overcome with Alzheimer’s? Show your support by Commenting!