Sexual assault caused my PTSD


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I was sexually assaulted by my biological father after meeting him. It affected my life goals because I ended up pregnant due to the assault. I always wanted to live a “normal” life. I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorder. It’s affected me a lot. I have a lot of triggers, and flashbacks as well. I fear things that I never use to fear. My heart aches a lot, and sometimes I feel that my child will hate me for the situation. I often have to remind myself it’s not my fault that it happened. And I didn’t deserve it.

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It affected my body pretty badly. I have tight pelvic muscles, and sometimes sex can be painful. Sometimes I get random pain in my rectal area and vaginal area as well. I feel very insecure about my body. I want others to know they are not alone. I currently still struggle daily. I was isolated for almost a year straight. No interactions with people. I had to do things the way he wanted it done. At one point I had a knife put to my throat. I thought my life was ending right then and there.

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I still get horrible dreams and thoughts in my head. I feel very low, and have trouble making friends. I look at men very negatively. I will never look at men the same again. I feel like the world is out to get me sometimes and feel like everyone is the same. I will never be able to trust someone again fully. One of the people I should have been able to go to when I needed to talk, someone I should have been able to call a parent, proved me wrong. So wrong.
I was ordered to do things a certain way. I got my hands tied with zip ties. I cried often. I felt so gross. I could only shower some days. I still struggle, but I want others to know you’re not alone. You can make it through. You’re worth so much more than what your perpetrator ever has done to you.

What helps you move forward on difficult days? Share to Show your Support!