I Had to Quit Smoking Because of My Asthma


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The first thing they tell you once the doctor says you have asthma is QUIT smoking. Oh, sure no problem RIGHT!

Well, it can be for some people than for others it is almost impossible. I was one of those. When you smoke from age 16 to age 70 and all of a sudden they tell you to stop smoking. Let me tell you it will be one of the hardest things you ever did in your life.

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I tried patches, gum, hypnotic suggestions, herbs, nothing worked and going cold turkey is for the birds. No pun intended.

Then they came out with e-cigs. Well, why not try! I mean I had tried everything else. The first time I tried it was a total failure. Then I found out they come in different strengths. Remember this was when they first came on the market and were hard to find. I decided to give them one more try something told me this was going to work for me.

This time I started out with the strongest 24mg nic. After a few months, I tried 18 mg nicotine. A few more months I tried 16 mg nic. This went on till I worked my self down to just the vape flavors with 3 mg of nic and I am getting ready to go for the gold of (0) nicotine just to see if I can. I think I can this time. It has taken me a while but, I feel better, and even with asthma and COPD, I am breathing better.

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Plus I am not a nervous wreck which I always was trying to quit any other way. I even would have anxiety attacks every time I tried to quit before.

If you are having trouble quitting smoking and have tried like I did all the other ways. Then what have you got to lose in trying this?

I sure hope this helps someone. Just one quick note. Do no use high voltage vape boxes. They change the chemicals when they get hot to a different chemical and it is known to cause cancer. Just don’t buy a vape box or pen above 60 w you should be fine. I use a 20 w. I am not into lots of vape cloud I just wanted to quit smoking.

Good luck to you!

Were you a Smoker before getting diagnosed with Asthma? Show your support by Commenting!