Preterm Labor Risk


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It all started when I had a car accident and went into a preterm labor. I was in the car with my brothers going to get something to eat. All of sudden we came to a red light and a blue Ford Focus smacked the back of the car. I hit the window instantly. I went to the hospital the same day and they told me I was going into labor. I wasn’t due for another 3 months. They prepared me and started IV fluids to keep my contractions going. Police came to the room asking me all kinds of questions about what happened but I didn’t want to talk. I was so scared.

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Finally, around 10 pm, it was time to have my baby. My daughter came out 3 pounds and 1oz. She was immediately rushed to the ICU, where she was placed with a mask, a feeding tube, and an oxygen machine. I thank god that my daughter was going to be okay. She is currently 2 years old running around and playing.

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My family wanted to sue the people that owned the vehicle, luckily my mom had insurance so her car was covered. The guy who hit us and his wife denied the whole thing. I had a good lawyer, he sued them for the max amount. We showed up in court ready to battle with every document of my labor, hospital bills and more. Later after the hearing was over, the guy and his wife apologized to me. I just told them to be careful next time, it could have been worse. My child wouldn’t be here today after what they did to us. I’m just lucky to say that she made it.

Have you ever been through Preterm labor? Show your Support by Commenting below!