Predestined for Addiction


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When I was young I was diagnosed with ADHD, I was fed Ritalin for many years, I believe it was an excuse for the doctors to prescribe their pharmaceuticals and an excuse for parents to ignore their poor parenting skills.

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When I was 16, I went through a very bad depression stage where I isolated myself for a year in a basement. I remember once I reached out to my mother for help, however, she was more interested in her “Days of our lives” show and completely ignored me.

For someone to ignore their own child over some tv show, it killed me and that day made it so much worse, shortly after I became addicted to drugs.

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I am 29 now and still in addiction seeking out a recovery home to better myself. I had a break from reality when I met Aron. A girl I fell deeply in love with when she left me in July I completely lost myself. I now feel like I’m not worth anyone’s time, that I’ll be alone forever, or perhaps this is what I deserve. I believe from the time I was born I was destined to have an addiction, my mother throughout the years has been very unsupportive, which has made my problems worse.

I truly do feel alone and hardly see any light within the darkness, perhaps one day I will.

Do you have anyone to turn to? Share to show your support!