Pain Makes Me Want to Cry


Pain during sex is a Common Symptom of Endometriosis. Share and Comment to show your Support! 

have been suffering from endometriosis since 2016. I found out after feeling chronic abdominal pain and pain during sex. All my sound results were normal and I received plenty of different types of pain medications. None of them worked. I decided not to take any. I even have headaches often – it is not a nice feeling.

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Sometimes I feel like I am going to die.  Whether I am sleeping, sitting, traveling or working I feel this sharp pain. I cry sometimes because I also have pain in my whole feet and lower back. I remember being admitted to the hospital for 5 days. They treated me for clotting in my body when they realized that was not the problem. They referred me to their gynecologist clinic. Even though I usually have normal periods that last for five days, the doctor told me I have endometriosis.

He put me on contraceptive pills and said that it will regulate my periods. After taking the pills I started to feel sick. Pills made it worst and also my periods prolonged to 21 days. I went back to the hospital in August 2017. I was told that the best treatment is surgery. It was done in December 2017. My period came on the forth and finish on the 14thof December 2017.  It came again 25th December and ended on the January 5th.

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Sometimes I feel like I am passing out because I am having my periods 2 times each month. This month, they lasted for 11 days each. I am in a lot of pain, the surgery didn’t help much. It feels like I’m going crazy sometimes.

Pain during sex is a Common Symptom of Endometriosis. Share and Comment to show your Support!