On a Hunt For a Magical Cure For Migraine

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I’ve been suffering from a constant nonstop migraine for the past 5 years. It started when I was about 13. I noticed I’ve had been having a lot of really bad headaches as a young teen, or so I thought that’s what they were. I’ve been to a hand full of doctors and been through so many different types of medications, therapies, online methods. I’ve had enough.

I recently moved away from my hometown to a completely different state and that’s when everything got worse for me. I’ve been here about 3 years now and nothing seems to have gotten better. I was referred to neurologists about half a year into trying things. My family doctor recommended it and I had been worse than he originally thought and I was out of his care. The neurologist has also sent me to an optometrist and a physical therapist. We still don’t have a reason this could be happening.

The one thing that we’ve considered that I refuse to do unless absolutely necessary is a lumbar puncture. Currently, I can keep it on ropes most of the time with me Botox injections, multiple prescribed medications, an also over the counter. I take approximately 10-15 pills a day, and it affects the way I work, my day to day life, and the way I carry myself as a person.

All of these things I’ve done and do every day with my migraines feeling like a 6, I go to the hospital at a 9. I never say 10 because there’s always a different thing that could happen to me that hurts worse. I save 10 for life or death situations. I’ve been to the hospital so much I know almost all the nurses and most of the doctors by first names.

I’m still on a hunt for that magical cure, I don’t think I’ll ever find it but one can hope. I’m going to try “ear seed acupuncture” soon and see how that goes hopefully it will be a win. I’m 18 years old, I have a full life ahead of me if my migraines let up and stop holding me back. I can’t wait for what life presents me with, but migraines need to stop.

Have you managed to find some Relief from Migraines? Show your support by Sharing the Blog!

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