New Life with Migraines – Part 6


Have you considered getting a Dog to help you in case of an Emergency? Take a Read, Comment to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.

In part 6, I will talk about my doctors, how I trained my dog to help me, and how I am getting some help on things. First thing is that my dog is very smart and trained in helping me when I pass out, fall, or when I need help from the floor to even using an inside and outside voice. First, when I fall he helps me up by planting his feet to steady his balance for me to lean on him to get up.


He has a different bark to alert my family when I do fall, so the family will come and help me. His bark for inside is different than his outside bark when alerting us, both barks are a different tone and loudness. I am also going to be training another fur baby (our pet) to help me with this when we get our puppy this summer. I am looking forward to another very smart pet to add to our family.

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Doctor for my pain from the shingle has me on different medicine now and has helped a tiny bit but the pain is still very present. My migraine medicine is helping when I have a very small migraine so I am hoping they change things around and gets me on something different or at least something that helps. Have you ever seen the commercial for Fibromyalgia and think why me? Today is one of those hard, angry, and hurtful days. Today I’ve seen my doctor and all she could do is send me for one more test (my thought God please help me through this challenging life you have given me or just give me a little boost in the right direction) and see another doctor about my face/ jaw.

Now, with another doctor and another throat test, I feel drained, upset, hurt, and just plan oh down in the dumps. I thought I can make it in this life’s challenge, but am I another test subject where they can poke and prod with no results? I know I’ll get results with the added doctor but I guess I am just overthinking the throat test and how it might come out.

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I do have swallowing issues and sometimes my throat will close on me making it where I cannot swallow but I think that happens to everyone, right?

All I know is the head is aching, my body wants to give up and shut down, all the while I am fighting back and getting no results. I have a total of 5 doctors and now going to have 6, (1) eye, (2) retina specialist, (3) throat and ear, (4) regular doctor for the family, (5) pain specialist, and now (6) cranial face specialist. Does anyone really have to have so many doctors or am I a guinea pig again? I understand I need the help and I welcome the help but some days I wish I did not have all these issues. I stay in my dark room with no light and my family calls me a vampire because I don’t see much light.

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I do see there point in helping me to even having them understanding my health better, but do they see my pain and point being in a dark room for comfort/relaxation? Where is my help, comfort, and happiness in life or why can’t I enjoy the greater things or just the little things? I see where they are coming from and hope one day they will see more of my side too.

Have you considered getting a Dog to help you in case of an Emergency? Take a Read, Comment to show your Support and Share if you can Relate.