New Life with Migraines – Part 4


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You can read Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 before you read this story, so you have a better understanding of my condition.

It begins with my migraines causing my family life to be very frustrating and stress/tension to build up to explode. Once it erupts its turns bad and very stressful.

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My family is supportive but not really truly there when needed. After 2012, I started getting harder migraines, passing out, and of course my monthly falling. To relax I sit in dark rooms with no TV, phone, and more.

The big question is “did it help”; not as much someone would think, but I was still sick, my head hurt, I had leg pains and more. So as time goes on living in the dark all most trapped in my home, not knowing what to do the doctors saying one thing but doing another.

I decided after the big stress relief argument from family; I would try going out into the sun, moving around, and spending more time with family. It did backfire on me and found out it did no good.

It threw me back and was not sure what or how to handle the added pain. Trying what the doctors, family, and friends have suggested did find one maybe two items that helped. One doesn’t overdo things, take things slowly. The second is limit the time in front of any electronics.

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I have changed my diet that has changed the severity of the pain, and no chocolate/limit the chocolate intake. The chocolate, caffeine and more will trigger migraines/pain in the nerves.

Find out your triggers and don’t eat/do anything to trigger them. I have changed a lot some good but some bad and it’s not my fault it’s the migraines/Fibromyalgia.

The question is can I control it? At this time no but in time I hope I will get the strength to get some kind of understanding or help in this.

I will post part 5 if you like to know what has happened after 2014 its a roller coaster ride.

Do you think eating Chocolate can trigger a Migraine? Show your Support to the Author by Commenting below!