Natural Herbs and Oils to Help With Arthritis Pain Relief


The word “Arthritis” originates from inflammation of joints. Arthritis is a disease which is complemented by swelling, stiffness, redness and lastly pain of the joints. Arthritis could be a burden especially for those with full-time jobs. Because of arthritis, they would have to endure back and leg pains all day long. It would be tough for them to deal with it without taking drugs that could relieve the pain. A lot of factors causes arthritis. It could be due to overstress the joints and could also be due to the unavoidable circumstances of aging.

Arthritis pain can happen anywhere there are joints; you may experience pain in your fingers, your hips, your elbows, and in the most common place which is your knees. Many forms of arthritis can be treated by using natural arthritis remedies. There are a lot of botanical and herbal remedies that can help you find arthritis pain relief. There are many herbs and plant foods, which will assist the person living with arthritis, locate the relief they need to accomplish everyday activities. Now you are probably wondering which herbs will help you get the arthritis pain relief you need.

Below are Top 5 Natural Herbs to Cure Arthritis:

  • Cherries

These are a great food to help you experience some relief. Cherries have high amounts of potassium, which is a diuretic that reduces inflammation by getting rid of fluids that collect in the tissue. This results in the reduction of pain, making this a great product for you to use to get arthritis pain relief.

  • Desert Devil

Also known as devil’s claw is a desert plant, used by drawing an extract from the root of the plant and drinking it as a tea or taking it as a pill. It is an anti-inflammatory and helps you lower the amount of pain associated with arthritis.

  • Copper

This is another way of relieving some of the pain associated with arthritis. Most will discount this as an old wives tale; however, studies have found that copper with aspirin will relieve arthritis. Copper alone will aid in taking away some of the pain. You can buy inexpensive copper jewelry at any costume jewelry store.

  • Ginger

Ginger is yet another great way to get rid of arthritis pain. You can add it to soups and salads and enjoy it as a spice while treating your arthritis pain (as well as some other ailments).

  • Aloe Vera

While not a direct treatment, is great for boosting the immune system and increasing your energy levels, allowing the body to take care of itself. When the body can heal itself, it can result in easing the pain from arthritis. It will also work to reduce the inflammation on a more permanent level, helping the sufferer experience some long-term relief.

Eliminating the pain of arthritis doesn’t take a miracle, just some practical guidelines that anyone can follow. Using herbs and natural products are a great way to get arthritis pain relief, and are usually safer, with fewer side effects than medication. Try these forms of relief and treat arthritis pain naturally.