My story about caring for my violent nephew


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I am the paternal aunt of an 8yr old little guy with ADHD, BIPOLAR and Schizoaffective disorder. It was pure hell until we were finally able to get a firm diagnosis. He was EXTREMELY VIOLENT, especially with females, he would find a person’s weakness and use that to his advantage. It was a nightmare. At the age of 6, he busted my mom’s head open with a baby bottle he threw at her that caused her to have 18 stitches. He knocked over a 120lb dresser BY HIMSELF in one of his rages. He destroyed our entire house in one incident because he couldn’t have his 5th popsicle. It was awful.

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All of the other kids in the house were terrified of him, and I was the only person who could calm him down and keep him in line. Why – I don’t know. But for whatever reason, he knows when I say something, that’s it. I have custody of him because both of his parents are in jail or on parole for drugs. They just can’t seem to pull it together for whatever reason. And they’ve got 6 other kids. I love this little guy, and I just can’t give up on him. He’s one of THE SMARTEST kids in his class. He’s extremely helpful always. He can be the sweetest little boy until something sets him off and then it’s like living with Chucky.

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Once we got a diagnosis and got him on the right medication, he calmed down A LOT. He still has outbursts on occasion, but it’s only because we’re currently staying with grandma and he doesn’t do well with a lot of other kids around, even if they are his siblings. He is really a good kid and has a good heart. I pray to God he doesn’t end up in jail or worse because of his violent rages at times. He is currently prescribed 3 different medications, and they seem to be helping so I’m hoping we’ve finally got a solution. I just can’t give up on him. Even when everyone else seems to want to abandon him, aunt Candice will always be here for him.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I hope it can give someone hope or strength in some way because I think we all need it at some point.

What helps you move forward on difficult days? Share to Show your Support!