My Schizophrenia Story


I suffer from schizophrenia since I was 15… which is 8 years now as I am 23 years old.

The symptoms in me have always been: psychosis, visual hallucinations and paranoid thoughts.

My first episode of the sickness consisted of psychosis such as fast thoughts and disorganized speech, I believed my phone was being monitored by someone I knew and that everyone was trying to fool me in a way or another. Then the psychosis was cured with Xanax and Abilify in pills. After that, I have been depressed for one year.

My second severe episode in 2017 was a catatonic episode: I couldn’t sleep, move or think anything and I was hardly blinking, I was stuck. I have been hospitalized for two weeks with other various psychosis which I can hardly depict now.

My last episode in 2019 was a psychotic attack due to the abuse of illegal drugs such as cocaine and Ritalin. I have been hospitalized for six months. I was having visual hallucinations and psychosis as I believed to be some kind of supernatural being and other weird stuff.

What I can advise to people being affected by schizophrenia is to always be strong, don’t give up fighting what’s going on in your head, don’t do illegal drugs as they can trigger psychosis, and try as much as possible to trust your doctors and to take the medications which are being assigned to you. If they give side effects consider the fact that schizophrenia which is not cured is worse than most side effects possible, because the sickness will always get worse as time goes on!