My Life with Acne


Do you have any daily routines that help you fight Acne? Comment and Share if you can relate.

I want to start off by saying that everyone is beautiful with or without acne, acne does not differ who you are. Just making that clear!!☺

Acne 3

My acne started at around 11 to almost 12 years old, I, unfortunately, got my period at 10 years old. Ever since I matured and suffered from acne, especially when I am about to get my period. So therefore now that I know that fact that I will be getting a lot more acne a few days before I get my period, I prepare myself and also just keep and keep washing my face even more because I already know that I’ll be breaking out because of my period.

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I am Mexican/American so I use the ZOTE bar soap, that’s what I use to wash my face, I have been using it for awhile since I found out about it and so far it’s been doing good, well better than nothing.

I recently heard about this other bar soap which I have not tried yet but will when I find it, it’s a snake bar soap I don’t know but supposedly it’s good for acne as well. But I’ll give you all an update once I try it.


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Some Health Questions:

How did your health affect your life goals?

acne 4My acne affected my life visually, I am the one suffering from it and I just wouldn’t feel myself with acne, sometimes I would get depressed, and didn’t feel pretty enough, but as I grew up I grew self-conscious, and just stay positive.

Did your diagnosis affect your emotional and mental health? How?

Yes and No, lol! Like I said on the first question, at some point, I did let it take over me emotionally. I felt depressed and not comfortable as if I wasn’t in my own body.

How did your Condition affect your Body?

In my case my acne didn’t really affect my body as much as my little brothers so it really all depends on your body, everyone’s body is different. Like if I would pop a pimple, on some places after popping the pimple I would have a deep open whole and other places I wouldn’t,  it’ll just get red and swollen and it’ll go away. But in my brothers’ case, he pops a pimple and forever has a hole. His skin is so sensitive, he has a lot of holes on his face and he’s just 21 years old.

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Do you have any daily routines that help you fight Acne? Comment and Share if you can relate.