My Health and Life Struggles


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Ihave been morbidly obese and an alcoholic most of my adult life. I married 2 abusive men then had a boyfriend put a butcher knife to my throat and pour a full bottle of Windex down my throat. At this point, I became homeless for the first time. I was homeless and I was on the street for two years. I had a job, but I got pneumonia and they held my job as long as they could. It took 2 months to recover and my doctors suggested I file for disability.

I have my mother and three sisters living within twenty to thirty minutes from where I was, but I got no help. I did not ask. I met some people and they showed me where the overnight shelter was. The next morning, I met Mario and he looked after me, showed me where I could get new clothes and shower and sack lunches, a hot dinner at night. Shortly after we met, he got a job so I did not have to sleep outside. We got an apartment. Once we got settled in our apartment we would go back to where we hung out and would feed everyone.

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Mario caught tuberculosis somehow and lost his job. When he came home, he said he would be dead by Christmas and it was only March. Well, he would not go to the doctor and I finally called adult protective services and they got in touch with his youngest brother and told him to come. He came, talked him into letting us call the paramedics and they took him right to ICU and a ventilator. Seven months later, he was well enough to come off the ventilator and they tried to wean him off his blood pressure medication and he had a massive coronary.

At this point, they couldn’t find his children, he has never been married. His family lives in California, so I had to call everyone and pick a date that would please as many as possible to turn off life support. After that, I was pretty much done with life! I could not pay rent because I was still waiting for my disability. After we spread Mario’s ashes I gave up, I went to the bar where we used to play pool and got as drunk as I could and walked out into the main road. No traffic.

A friend of Mario’s found me and started taking care of me. I went to a more permanent shelter after a while and got a lawyer for my disability and won. Then I found an apartment that had its own HUD. It was great, but there was a one-year waiting list. I went to Mario’s friend’s house one weekend while still staying at the shelter and when his girlfriend took me back, some guy was getting run over in front of that place. She told me to go get my stuff.

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I was staying with them until my apartment was ready. Thank GOD! Unfortunately, I became their slave, cook, and babysitter. I did it all. But when I moved into my apartment, I gained 175lbs. I was already overweight and borderline diabetic and had very high blood pressure. I moved in December 2007 and on July 3rd, 2013 I had a gastric sleeve done. They weighed me right before surgery at 382lbs. On January 23rd, 2018 I weigh 168lbs and I take more medication now than ever before.

I take medication to keep my blood pressure up and an eye doctor told me my diabetes is out of control and I am going blind. I am having severe vision problems but I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and for a couple months after I had a perfect vision than all of a sudden I could not read anything at all. The eye surgeon did laser surgery and they got worse and he wants to do laser surgery again. Well, now we found out that I have a pineal cyst in my brain which affects my vision. I just don’t know what to do.

What are your ways to overcome problems in life? Share and Comment to show your Support!