How Migraines Stole Christmas


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I’ve experienced migraines (which we thought was a simple headache) since I was 9 years old and my grandmother would give me an aspirin and place a cold towel on my forehead. It wasn’t until I was older with my own family that I would find out that it was “MIGRAINES” that I suffered from. It answered so many questions I was having as to why I would suffer from so many headaches, often crippling, but it didn’t seem to affect my family the same way.

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December 2005 I was so excited about Christmas, we got our first place and a great job. Life was joyous and hopeful, with potential on the horizon. On December 5th, that potential vanished along with hope. I woke up with a headache so I took 3 Tylenol, but it didn’t go away. So I ate something thinking it may have been a “hungry headache” and the pain still didn’t subside. It remained for the next 3 days. So to the emergency room, I went where I endured cat scans, spinal taps, sleep studies, liquid diets and was told that it was nothing but stress and had to be given liquid morphine. That worked, but only momentarily.

Once it wore off, the migraine was back and I was sent home with a prescription for hydrocodone that didn’t work which I ended up causing an allergic reaction. My job didn’t believe me regarding my Migraines, which lead to me losing my job. A once joyous Christmas had become bleak and grim. I couldn’t even get out of the bed to see my children open their gifts, not to mention I did no Christmas shopping. It was not a Christmas to remember.

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January 8, 2006, was the first day I found any relief. For an entire month I suffered and so did my family. I still have my moments and prayer is my medicine. I would love and be so grateful if you guys could help me find a resolution for this nagging unpleasant fixture in my life. Thank you for your dedication to helping people like me. Happy Holidays!!!

Did you try any natural remedies to help you with the pain? Do they help? Share to show your Support!