My Daughter Has Eczema


My daughter was 4 months old EBF and she developed eczema. I know a lot of you mom’s out there worried about your baby having eczema.

When she started at 4 months, we did not know what was going on and what eczema was. It was getting worst everyday and we took her to her PD and PD changed her lotion and laundry detergent. It didn’t work then PD put her on steroids and antibiotics. It worked for a few days and came back more stronger. At this point her eyes were covered with eczema and she could barely open it.

I cried almost every night holding her in my arms… She couldn’t sleep Because she was always scratching and bleeding from her eczema.

I had and have strong support from my fiancé. During the day my mom helps us watch her. It was getting worst. People will stare at her and sometimes they will point it out that she has a rash on her body.

We took her to a dermatologist and they ran tests to see if she had a bacterial infection and results said she did not have any types of infection. I talked to a friend and she suggested doing allergy testing and we went to an allergen specialist where we found out she was allergic to so many countless foods that include dairy, wheat, nuts, eggs, avocado and so much more.

Her eczema was acting with her food allergies and that’s why it kept coming back stronger every time. I had cut everything out of my diet and it cleared up for the most part. She still has eczema patches and we still go see doctors almost every other month.

Our journey was rough and I cried almost every night holding her in my arms, but I did not give up feeding her… I just wanted to share my journey with you all mom’s out there struggling with your baby’s eczema.. Please don’t lose hope.. Keep breastfeeding your baby… Change your diet .. Get allergy testing done if possible… Path is hard, but it’s not impossible.