My Dark, Downward Spiral


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My story begins with me as a hard-working man, working day and night to make a living. A living that consists of barely getting by due to child support. This is where my downward spiral begins.

It was 12/04/2013 that I called my ex to make a time to see my son. My ex-says my son has something he wants to tell me. My son gets on the phone and tells me that he likes his family the way it is and doesn’t want to see me anymore. I said okay and left the conversation like that.

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Afterward, I get up and go to work as usual. Not even one hour at work, my back begins to hurt so I put on my back brace for support, but the pain got worse. After that, I tell my boss I was going to go see a doctor. I went to clock out and blacked out.

When I came to, I was being lifted into a wheelchair by my coworkers.

Then, the charge nurse tells me that she told 911 I was having chest pains. So when I get to the emergency room, the Dr. remembered me from months before. I get admitted and am told I needed heart surgery.

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I was still having back pain which worried me. Another Doctor had me sent to an MRI and found I needed neck and back surgery. The Dr. says he cannot perform surgery until my heart has first been dealt with.

After having my double bypass, no other surgeries would be done. Now I live with no work and changing Doctors, I ended up having a stent where the double bypass was done and shortly after that, congestive heart failure happened.

Now, I am on several medications for my heart and chronic pain. Due to no surgery, I am still in a state of constant agony. Few will know what it is like to wake up every day in pain and to go to bed in pain. I have been denied SSI three times, even with a lawyer.

This is my dark spiral down, I am waiting for that shimmer of light.

What was the First Symptom of your Heart Condition? Show your support by Commenting!