My Daily Struggles with Autism


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I was born with high functioning autism, and it has been a hindrance all my life because I have oversensitivity when it comes to my senses. I can’t go to any big events like church on Sunday’s because the fellowship is very loud and I get overstimulated. I also have mild mental retardation and yeah it causes me to be at home in a quiet place all the time. I can’t sleep with a light on.

When I got married 4 years ago, it was hard for me because it was a significant change and I was very depressed and very overstimulated. My husband James had to learn to calm my tantrums and my violent behavior. Also, I was a non-verbal autistic until the age of seven years old. It did hinder my life.

My diagnosis did affect me in my daily life because my parents always told me I was a curse and a person that can’t do anything for their lives. They were abusive physically, financially, psychologically, and spiritually. My husband rescued me from that abusive household. Now my whole family disowned me because I stood up to my parents. I still feel sad that my parents still think I’m a curse to society and a nobody.

My condition affected my body because I was born with deformed hands and I walk funny, and also I get super excited and super sad at the same time. I get tired a lot because of my physical condition. Before I was diagnosed with Autism, I didn’t understand my unusual behavior. I lack social skills, and I don’t understand the world very well.

I worked a lot to develop my skills. I have an amazing memory, and I have learned to read music and to play the piano. Also, I have learned to freehand draw and I sing nicely. Also, I have the ability to remember Hindi songs and Chinese songs and Spanish songs and know what they mean. Also, I have developed beautiful handwriting too.

I have developed a personal relationship with my God and Savior Jesus Christ. I do daily devotional, and I love going to bible studies with my husband and help him care for Dementia clients. My husband and I have a food ministry, and we love doing it in the name of the Glory to God.

I am very blessed to make a difference in my friend’s lives and my husband’s life. Ever since I got married, I am more a godly wife and also a woman that can excel in many things though I have limitations.

What is the biggest influence on the happiness in your life? Share to Show your Support!