Migraines – What Beverages Should You Avoid?


One of the things that many people relate to suffering from migraines is eating and drinking habits. While some studies reveal that 7% to 44% of migraine sufferers have some foods as triggers, there are other studies that show this to be around 20%

Migraines don’t have the same triggers for everyone. While for some people a trigger can be to eat a certain food, for others the simple fact that they miss a meal can trigger them. According to some studies, almost half of the people who suffer from migraines when they fast(dont eat). A migraine tends to occur after about 16 hours of fasting. The reason this happens is usually from your body’s reaction due to the lack of food. Since your body doesn’t have any food to process, it starts to produce stress hormones which will activate some chemicals in your brain. And these chemicals are the responsible for your migraines.

But what about beverages? What beverages should you avoid to prevent having any migraines?

#1: Alcohol, especially Red Wine:

When asked this question, most people who suffer from migraines will immediately tell you that red wine tends to cause them migraines. The fact is that red wine includes sulfites that are used as preservatives. And these have been linked to migraine headaches.

When you drink alcohol, your body tends to get dehydrated because of the increased blood flow to your brain. And these two factors are both causes of migraines. Usually, when you have migraines, your hangovers will be a lot worse than when you don’t have them. And this happens with any kind of alcohol, not only with red wine.

#2: Coffee:

If for some people coffee can be a trigger for migraines, for others it acts as a pain reliever. However, too much caffeine will more than likely be a trigger.

#3: Chocolate Beverages:

Chocolate is one of the foods that tends to be the trigger for many people suffering with migraines. So, chocolate beverages should also be avoided. And this is simply because chocolate contains tannin, phenylethylamine, and caffeine.

#4: Energy Drinks And Cola:

Most of the energy drinks and cola that you have available on the market tend to include huge doses of caffeine. As we already mentioned above, too much caffeine can trigger a migraine.

#5: Citric Acid Drinks:

Some people have already experienced more sensitivity to citric acid, which can be used as a natural preservative or it can be found in certain fruits. So, avoiding these fruits as well as any beverages that contain citric acid is something that you should consider.

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