Migraines – The Ultimate Raincheck


Did your Migraine ever stop you from having a normal life? Share your experience in the Comments!

When you have plans that you’ve been looking forward to there is nothing that kills the moment more than getting a migraine. This story is one of those times where I had to skip an important event due to my condition – namely my brother’s graduation from high school.

It was June of this year, and my family and I were eagerly awaiting to see my brother don his graduation attire and begin transitioning to college. I had asked work for a half-day so I can help prepare the post-graduation celebration, but that would change around 11:00 AM when I began to feel a familiar, but not a pleasant sensation.

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My migraine started and it was relentless, the blinding lights of my office drained me even if I only had an hour left of work. I hurried to my car and wore my migraines-specific sunglasses. It helped with the drive, but the throbbing was too much. By the time I got home, I curled up in my bed and began to cry.

I cried because I knew I couldn’t make it to my brother’s graduation and be able to cheer him on as he walks. I cried as I know there will be a suspicion that this “migraine” was made up and an excuse to not go. I cried due to the unrelenting pain that came as quickly as it did without reason.

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My tears and my migraine were the rainchecks for missing out on my brother’s important moment. To this day, I still regret it, but I am fortunate that he has been more understanding than some of my friends, who sincerely believe I use migraines as an excuse.

To this day, I still wonder what that day would have been like if I were able to attend the graduation. To be able to smile and call out his name. At least there is always social media to make up for missing out on important events due to this illness. I suppose that is a consolation prize.

Did your Migraine ever stop you from having a normal life? Share your experience in the Comments!