The Migraine Relief Plan Book Review


Recently, I received a copy of The Migraine Plan Relief book by Stephanie Weaver and it became my number one priority to read it over the weekend. My initial impressions are this is a great and informative book for anyone who is looking to make the best of their day-to-day lives with migraines.

The book goes into detail on how you can prepare yourself mentally for the change in your diet. It explains thoroughly what the purpose of each part is and how exactly it will accomplish that purpose. This change in diet will happen over an 8 week period which, in my opinion, is the right time-frame to become adjusted to a new diet/lifestyle.

There is also recommendations for exercise programs and relaxation techniques for you to try over the 8 week period as well, which will only reinforce the benefits of the dietary change.

I was most impacted by the great grocery list of different foods you can buy, all condensed in a few pages. It is informative and humbling to realize how many powerful and positive options you have available for your diet all readily available to you in just a few pages. My frequent trips to grocery store have become empowering and a far better experience than they were in the past.

Understanding what causes migraines and how that changes between person-to-person, is arguable the most important thing to know on how to handle and care for your own migraines. Therefore, it is important to track when you have migraines and what you’ve eaten for that day. This book contains multiple tracking guides as well as examples on how to fill them out, all of which I found to be excellent.

In case you are no Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen (trust me, I’m not), Stephanie has provided over 75 recipes ranging from low sodium meals to vegetarian, vegan, grain-free, dairy-free, and more.

Unlike other books, the author understands there will be days that your diet will fall off track or social events impede you from following your meal plan. Luckily, Stephanie provides a section in the book dealing with tricky situations such as parties and traveling. It’s important to remember that you always have control of your situation, even if you cannot follow your diet exactly.

All this stems from Stephanie Weaver’s personal experiences living with Migraines. In addition, she is a certified Wellness and Health Coach. You can find her recipes in Cosmopolitan, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Parade, and many more places. Take a look at the book here.