My Migraine Life and how Technology Affects it


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My phone and my migraines are eternal enemies. Unlike my friends and family, I am unable to enjoy the phone in my spare time. It is a selective gift that only on a good day I can use.

While everyone else can spend their downtime browsing the web, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, I must make sure the lighting is in the right condition not to trigger another attack. Or, if I already have another attack going on, I cannot even use my phone to try to entertain myself until the pain goes away.

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The same is for computers, television, and such. Anything with bright lights and loud noises (all of the tech nowadays) is something I gotta avoid. I have come to appreciate books, knitting and the loveliness that is sleep (assuming I can get it).

When those fail, I still have my dearest friend, my 4-year-old tabby cat. He seems to know when I am having a migraine trigger and cuddles in my lap and begins to purr the pain away. I don’t know what I’d do without my little knight in furry armor.

I really hope others can relate, it’s often a lonely experience when trying to explain this to friends and family who do not have migraines. They often think I am exaggerating or making it up, but it isn’t. This pain is real. My list of friends has gotten smaller because of this, as I don’t want to hang with people who cannot believe me.

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This is my migraine life and how technology affects it.

How did your condition begin and progressed to where it is today? Share to show your Support!