Mental Health: The Big Pay Back


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Mental health is very important. It’s very important because it can affect you for a lifetime if you don’t find some sort of recovery or if you don’t recover properly. Some people can go their entire lives not even knowing that they have an issue. That’s scary because only we know what we think about and only we can take a stand and change our thinking, our habits, our surroundings and our Mental Health.

We control ourselves and if we don’t take good care of ourselves we end up in a bad place. As a child, I was given a tough life  – I never had a childhood. Growing up, my parents struggled with addiction and proceeded to live that way while raising 5 kids. It was tough. I’m one girl of four boys and my life has been nothing close to easy.

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I’m 26 years old and I’m doing just fine because I chose to surface my issues and face all of my fears. I noticed that every person who came into my life was just trying to please me or make me happy or love me so I pushed away. I wasn’t sure what love was and I wasn’t sure if I was worth loving.

I have no children because I’m unable to bear children due to unfortunate events as a kid. As a woman, I understand now what has happened to me and, in a way, I’m okay with that. I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason and as long as you stay positive and be good to the next person, no matter how bad the person before was to you, you will always proceed with positivity.

Always move forward and never look back because looking back is often scary and can keep you in your past. If you don’t pull through and become one with yourself, loving yourself unconditionally and thank God for allowing you to be alive every day, it can keep you in the past.

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I’m not saying it’s easy because every day is a challenge. What I’m saying is that it’s worth a try. You are worth trying for. Those around you who love you very much are worth your time, you just have to allow them to be good to you no matter what you’ve done in the past or what has been done to you.

If you can be positive today then yesterday won’t matter. My message is to always love one another and always give people the benefit of the doubt, or at least always try to. Don’t worry about your bad days because everybody’s got them. Keep your head up and pray to God for the life you were given. The life you were given was meant for you and you only. One Love.

How important is mental health to you? Share this Blog to Raise Awareness!