Menopause Causes Depression


Can Menopause change your life? Share your stories in the Comments!

I’ve been a “happy-go-lucky” person in life, always trying to find the positive in every situation. Now I’m at the age that my body, my hormones and even my perspective on life is changing. I have found that I have become depressed and lost. I don’t know what to do. This is not who I used to be. I want to figure out how to become the person that I was and not who I’m now. This is hard to be done alone, so please help me.

I know there is a lot of medications to try. It is so overwhelming not knowing even where to start. There’s got to be something out there that can help me with the mental state I am in right now. I know that Menopause is causing a lot of this. I just don’t know where to start looking.

My family has been very supportive. I have several friends who are going through the same thing, we at least have each other to talk. I feel like it’s time to reach out to someone professional who can really guide me down the right path whether it is counseling or medication.

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I am so open-minded and eager for help. I’m looking for people who know what they’re doing, to try and help me find a solution to make the next two years of my life happy as I was 20 years ago. I have a positive faith and I hope that I reach a place that can help me.

Can Menopause change your life? Share your stories in the Comments!