The Way Magnesium Helped Me With Migraines


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I have been suffering from migraines since age 21. I remember it so vividly. I had never experienced a migraine before, so I was unsure what was happening. I remember I missed a college class and had to email my professor, trying to explain how much pain I was in. I didn’t have too many after that, so I didn’t think twice.

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Fast forward 2 years. I began teaching in high school, and the frequency increased. I would miss a class here and there, or have to go home at lunch because I was unable to teach. At one point in my career, I missed over 20 days of school due to migraines. They would last 2-3 days at a time, and I was unable to eat or drink anything while in pain.

I live in South East Texas, so our weather is very unstable, but predictable. I noticed that when the barometric pressure was changing, I was able to tell a day before. It’s much like people whose knees tell them it’s going to rain soon. Weather migraines are just as bad as regular migraines in my opinion. They are a different kind of pain, and mine is on the right side of my head, whereas a normal migraine is on the left side. I have missed many social events, family gatherings, and general time with loved ones because of headaches. One year I missed Christmas because I was having a migraine.

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I began doing my research and read that people with magnesium deficiencies are more susceptible to migraines. I also was interested in a more holistic approach, as my medicine prescribed by my neurologist was affecting my memory. I tried the anti-depressant route, and while it seemed to help somewhat, it also put my emotions on hold, which I did not like. I began to get acupuncture once a week and take 250mg of magnesium daily. I have really seen a difference. Yes, I still get a “weather headache” every now and then, but the pain intensity and length have significantly decreased. So I will always suggest that to those who suffer (with a doctor’s permission, of course).

However, everyone is different so you have to try things and see how it does or doesn’t help. I find that more natural approaches like acupuncture and chiropractors seem to really help.

What is your approach to treating migraines? Share to show your Support!