The Long Road of Diabetes Complications


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when I was 23, I found out I had diabetes, I’m now 46. In the beginning, I was scared and stayed on top of doing what I needed to do. Ten years later I started slacking, not understanding the long-term effect of high blood sugar level. I had 2 kids at that time, my son is 11 now and my high blood sugar caused him to have tetralogy of Fallot, which is a blue baby hole in the heart and to be born at 32 weeks with some delay in development. My daughter was born big in size.

I still didn’t understand and now I have had 3 toes amputated and I have an end-stage renal disease, which means I have to go for dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. It consumes my life. I also have Gastroparesis where the stomach doesn’t digest the food in time so, it sours and causes vomiting. I have been hospitalized just in the past month over 20 times for this condition because it’s a chronic condition.

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Too many pills that I can’t escape from, so I say to anyone whatever your medical issues are, please get on top of them. I have felt like I just wanted to die. I was very depressed, but I thought about my kids and this was my hope. I’m trying to cope with it and you can too. It was hard because I didn’t have family support, it was very stressful not knowing where to turn.

Sometimes I just need to talk to someone. When I tried talking to my mother I had a lecture of “I told you so, and I knew this was going to happen” so I kept my feelings inside again. I remember sitting on the subway train waiting and thinking about jumping in front of the train, but I thought with this luck, I wouldn’t even die. LOL

When were you diagnosed with Diabetes? Show your support by sharing this blog!