Living with my body after being a single mother of 5.


Living with chronic pain for injuries sustained from work very hard warehouse work, surviving domestic violence and the stress of the aftermath of a life , complicated pregnancies, including two twin pregnancies. Raising 5 kids in the 90’s and 2000’s. Walking through PTSD and anxiety without meds. Now I am almost 48, my children are all adults, I divorced the violence years ago and managed to some how, only God knows , with hardworking , well rounded young adults. And I am the grandma of 3 too. The domestic violence took a toll on everyone in my family. My children and I are not close. But they are alive, educated, employed, they are struggling but none of them have been in trouble with the law much, like many people said they would be. All of them have or are in therapy . If it wasn’t for my mother and father, brother and sister and many others I think that we would have been another statistic. Most of all I believe that God , my father in heaven and here on Earth kept us safe. I believe that my body may it hurt due to chronic osteoarthritis wants me alive along with my children and grandchildren to tell those who are or have walked through domestic violence, homelessness,and economic hardships that there is Hope. That everyone out there need to believe that life has more meaning than what you see, or what you know. That to never take for granted every breath that we breath , and that there is not that comes out of darkness. Let your light shine. And know with out a doubt that Jesus Christ loves y’all!!