Living with Depression and Schizophrenia


This is a story of terrifying a whiz that attacks healthy youths and young grownups that robs them of past, present, future even life itself. Schizophrenia and depression are about the most complicated and fascinating diseases that we can have. Both of depression and schizophrenia are brain diseases that express themselves in terms of disturbances of thinking, perception and behaviour. Paranoia, hallucination, emotional fear of victims of schizophrenia is a terrifying journey. Depression is nothing but a mental disease which can easily drive people crazy. Crazy? Yes, crazy!

Don’t believe me? Just take an example of the Los Vegas’ shooter who killed about 159 people while attending a concert. According to the earlier police report, he was mentally depressed.

Now a day, depression is very common all across the world and it’s still spreading like jungle fire. Depression is actually nothing but hopelessness to express feelings of sad mood. People face the worst depression and intense feelings of sorrow, loneliness and sadness.

Negative symptoms may present as a phenotype of depression in schizophrenia. Neuroleptics can induce akinesia and akathisia which mimics depression in schizophrenia.

Symptoms of People Living with depression and schizophrenia:

  • People with Schizophrenia often feel difficulties keeping one job because they easily fed up.
  • They don’t care for their own health and along with schizophrenia they also get other diseases like depression and laziness.
  • Loss of functioning in areas such as emotion or motivation
  • Loss or reduction to initiate plans speaks express emotion or find pleasure in life
  • Lack of expression
  • Inability to begin and sustain a planned activity
  • Social withdrawal
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Thoughts of death or suicide including suicide attempts
  • Feeling guilty hopeless or worthless
  • Difficulty in concentrating remembering or making decision ns
  • Persistent sad anxious or empty mood
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Irritability or restlessness

People with any type of schizophrenia may have worry keeping a friend and working. They may also have problems with nervousness, unhappiness, and hopeless views or behaviour. As the sickness incessant you may have problems with thoughtful feelings and behaviour.

Depression is caused by different mental problems but do you know what? Depression can trigger even more mental problems if not coped up earlier. It can cause mental illnesses like schizophrenia, more depression, negative thoughts and even suicide. I would say depression is a termite that can result in booming changes in feelings and behaviour of the depressed people.


Treatment is often long with the combination of medication, psychotherapy and support services. Medication is the main essential treatment for schizophrenia and depressed people. Hospitalization might be needed for the patient of the Schizophrenia because they need the company of some good people around them to get over their negative thoughts. Family therapy plays an important role in the treatment of these patients.

People with depression and schizophrenia can easy go toward their normal life but it takes time, patience and very good environment.