Life with Psoriasis


What part of your Condition is most difficult for people to understand? Share to Raise Awareness!

It has been hard for me growing up with Psoriasis, not only physically but also mentally. I was diagnosed at the age of 14. My psoriasis was activated as a side effect of one of the prescribed pills I was taking at the time for the depression I was experiencing.

After almost a year of taking this medication, plaques started growing on my scalp. At first only on my scalp, and eventually spread ALL over my body. As many of you know, this made me feel even more depressed, insecure, alone and misunderstood…

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For many years, I lived hiding. Covering all my skin even with extreme hot weathers, I was terrified of the idea of people judging or assuming it is a contagious disease. If I would even grow the courage to show my plaques, I would always be aggressively interrogated about it and shamed. Even if they let me educate them about Psoriasis and how it is NOT contagious, people would think it is just an ugly skin rash which, to be honest, is insulting.

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My close friends and family would motivate me every day. Knowing there are people who are not ignorant about this kept me going. It was very important to me to ignore offensive comments and people. Turning 21 years old, I move to the United States to finish my career. Moving away from home, created a lot of unconscious and conscious stress. This caused my psoriasis to take over 70% of my body. It hurt a LOT.

Desperate, I started looking for new treatments since the UV Light treatment was not doing its job on my skin. That’s when I discovered a new Psoriasis treatment. I got a shot once a month and have COMPLETELY CLEAR SKIN now! This does not mean side effects don’t exist and are very important to look up before starting with the treatment. My life gave a 180 turn for absolute good. I feel great. Everything changed. I feel in control and free.

What part of your Condition is most difficult for people to understand? Share to Raise Awareness!