Journey to Conquer Eczema


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One good asset of a woman is her skin. Most of us will do everything to have beautiful skin. We put different kinds of lotions, creams, and moisturizers on our skin day and night. Unfortunately, it’s completely different for me. I have a skin disease called “Eczema”. I’ve been dealing with it for 4 years now. It’s a skin condition in which areas of the skin become red, rough, and sore. There is no specific cause for eczema. At first, I thought it was just a simple allergy because it only started as a small patch on my arm until it went all over my body. Now I have them on my whole body except on my face. I’d go back to my dermatologist every month for the past three years.

Apparently, I still do that up to this moment. I couldn’t stand seeing myself in the mirror when I got a bad flare. I feel like I’m the ugliest woman in the world. I couldn’t even wear T-shirts when I go out. I always wear a sweater or long sleeves to cover up my arm because it’s full of blisters and patches. Even if it’s summer in my country, I still wear clothes that will cover up my whole body. People would normally notice it and ask me what happened to my skin. I always try to explain to them in the simplest way they could understand it. I guess, no one can fully understand my condition, except my family.

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My worst flare-up happened in 2017 when my body got covered with eczema for almost a month. I had continuous medication during that time. I took steroids for several weeks. My doctor even changed the medicine twice since I was having stomach pain when I take them. He even advised me to avoid stress since it’s one of the factors that can trigger my eczema, but how in the world can I avoid stress if I have these on the body? I also had mood swings because of the different medicines I took and the constant asking of people around me. I’ve never felt comfortable with my own skin. There are days I can’t help but scratch them until they bleed, and when I see blood, that’s the time I’ll stop. I went through different kinds of creams, lotions, herbal baths, and moisturizers but none of these has helped me.

From an outgoing person, I turned into a total loner who isolates herself at home. I feel devastated and hopeless every time I would look at myself in the mirror. There was a time I asked God to just take me with Him, so I wouldn’t have to suffer like this. I would say I got depressed and have cried most nights for the past years I had it. I completely lost my confidence. I always feel insecure whenever I go out with friends who can wear clothes that show how flawless their skin is. Unlike in my case, I just wear clothes that will hide the marks and those that won’t make me itch. I even came to a point where I asked my boyfriend to just look for another girl because I pitied myself so much at that time. I didn’t even want him to look at me or hold my hands. I was miserable. I wanted to travel to so many places, but I couldn’t, especially when they wanted us to go to the beach.

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I am afraid of what people might say when they see me. They always feel bad when they see how worse my skin is. I’ve got different opinions from different people who would suggest I try this and that. I actually did what they said, but nothing worked for me. I feel like I’m a detective, searching and trying out different products that will help me get rid of these on my body. I’m still suffering from this incurable skin disease as of this moment. I’m not sure how long will I suffer. Everything is uncertain right now.

“The only thing I can do is to hope and believe that there will be a cure one day. My family is one of the reasons why I continue battling this disease. Most of all, I believe God wouldn’t put me to it if I can’t get through it. It might not be easy to live comfortably as I want, but still, I’m blessed to be given this privilege to testify how great He is in my life. I have doubted myself, the people around me, and even the doctors, but never did I doubt what He can do for me. I wrote this to encourage others who are also going through the same situation as me. Some might be going through something more painful and difficult than this. I pray that you too will feel better and braver. Having good or bad skin doesn’t define you as a person. So, cheer up!”

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